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Boost your confidence and let your skin shine with the wide range of blemish treatments from AcnEase at HQhair. Featuring specialist treatments, they’ll leave skin looking clear again working from the inside out. Clinical tests and studies have revealed that these herbal capsules are up to 95% effective in treating acne. Affordable and effective, they alleviate rosacea symptoms whilst remaining completely safe with no side effects.

AcnEase Body Acne for Athletes Treatment

The AcnEase Body Acne for Athletes Treatment is a natural treatment for chronic or severe body acne which is safe and side effect free. The special formulation restores the internal balance which is disrupted by hormones, the environment, stress, medication and more to help both male and female adults and teens to dramatically reduce their acne. Formulated with ingredients including gardenia fruit, dandelion, balsam pear and mustard leaf, it removes toxins in the blood to heal cysts, pustules and scars, eases rosacea and diminishes blackheads and whiteheads for clearer and healthier skin. Extra benefits include regulating dry or oily hair, controlling heart burn, improving metabolism, assisting intestinal function and digestion whilst reducing pain and decreasing phlegm. There really isn’t much these herbal supplements can’t do!

AcnEase Acne Maintenance Treatment

The AcnEase Acne Maintenance Treatment is made to improve skin and prevent acne re-occurrence. Made with the highest quality gluten, sugar, phytoestrogens, GMO and chemical free grade herbs, acne will significantly improve or even disappear! Regular use of the maintenance treatment will cause old acne scars and marks to fade, hair to be improved and heart burn and gastric reflex to be controlled. Ensure continued use to maintain results and enjoy your beautiful skin!

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